What is closed ecosystem?

It is is a closed glass jar with plants and other nature elements inside of it, which all together are forming self-sufficient ecological system (with water and gas cycles as in nature). Normally, if the condition are right, closed ecosystems can exist in long-term without any outer influence (human care).

Where should closed ecosystem be placed?

Most of plants feel much better when they get a lot of light and are placed near the window, still it is recommended to avoid straight sun rays during the summer, as they can burn the plants (the glass might work as lens multiplying the power of sun rays and causing overheat).

How long can closed ecosystem "live"?

Well-placed ecosystem can live for years, the same as ordinary houseplants in pots. Still each ecosystem and plant lifetime can be different, because of individual reasons and outer conditions (like temperature and lightning).

Can I open the ecosystem?

Yes, you can open it to fix or cut plants or clean the glass from inside. Taking into account that ecosystem condition is dependant on lots of factors, including also outer (lightning and temperature), sometimes it might be necessary to open the ecosystem to remove extra condensate - more condensate might appear in the mornings or late evenings, while lots of condensate during the day-time means that humidity level inside the jar is to high and extra condensate should be removed from inside the jar with the help of cotton pads or a piece of paper towel.

Can I water my ecosystem?

Ecosystem can exist without watering for years, still each plant is individual and there are a lot of influencing outer factors (temperature and lightning), that is why if you see that your ecosystem is drying  - you can take care of your ecosystem and regulate the humidity adding a little of water. Also if you feel like that you can remove the cork and take care of your ecosystem, as of open one, regularly watering it.

How to take care of ecosystem with an orchid?

Opposed to other closed ecosystem, where it is important to keep the cork on to maintain the humidity level, ecosystem with an orchid should be ventilated  from time to time to keep the roots from rotting. As ventilating would lead to natural evaporation, you can also sometimes add a little water for other plants in the jar to compensate it. Orchid also has its blossoming cycles, the flowers will fall at some point (you can remove the fallen flowers from the jar) - but it is ok and in a while you will see new flowers blossoming.

Is it fine that I have insects in my jar?

Yes, small white bugs around 1mm are placed in ecosystems with purpose, they keep the balance and help to fight the mold if it appears. Other small insects can rarely be found in ecosystem if brought with moss or soil, their presence in most cases can only improve the overall condition of ecosystem.

What to do if there is mold inside ecosystem?

Typically bugs inside of the jar will fight the mold, but in rare cases it can be not enough. If there is constant mold in your ecosystem - remove it, using cotton stick, moistened in hydrogen peroxide, it will effectively destroy the mold at the same time a little amount on cotton will not harm plants and moss, unless you poor peroxide inside of the jar. Then leave your ecosystem opened for at least one day for ventilation. Before you close the ecosystem again add some water to restore hydro balance. Keep eye on your ecosystem for a while after this procedure and make sure that necessary amount of condensate appears on the jar walls. If mold comes back again, then it is better to remove or replace those plants or parts of the moss, which are overtaken by mold. You can replace the moss with another forest moss.


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